… Charges Course participants to be professional in their duties

The Honorable Minister of Defence, Mohammed Badaru Abubakar CON, mni,  has said that Strategic leadership is critical to Military Operations in decision making across all levels, adding that it is important in navigating complex scenarios and ensuring cohesion in the execution of Military strategies.

The Honourable Minister disclosed this during the 2024 Senior Course 46 Counter Terrorism and Counter Insurgency in Nigeria (CTCOIN) Seminar at Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji in Kaduna State.

Speaking as Special Guest of Honour, the Minister  emphasized the impact of strategic leadership on officers and charged the participants of the Course to imbibe excellence and professionalism in discharging their professional callings.

Acknowledging the on-going insurgency challenges, he commended the dedication and sacrifice of the Armed Forces in maintaining national security, reiterating  Federal Government’s commitment to defeating insurgency through a comprehensive security strategy and community engagement.

Badaru called for holistic government approach in handling counter-insurgency and anti-banditry operations, emphasizing the importance of intelligence-driven operations and the protection of civilian population.

Furthermore, the Minister highlighted the importance of strengthening partnerships with local communities, international allies, and other security agencies to enhance collective security efforts,  pointing out the significance of joint operations collaboration and the adoption of emerging technologies in modern Military strategy.

Consequently, he expressed his satisfaction with the drive towards joint operations by the current Service Chiefs and he  encouraged innovative thinking and adaptability among Military personnel.

He, however underscored the importance of upholding ethics, standards, and core values within the Military, stressing the need for integrity and honour in maintaining trust and cohesion within the ranks.

In another development, the Minister inspected the facilities for the training and equipping of the  first batch of 800 personnel as SPECIAL OPERATION FORCE  for the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

As part of preparation for the training, the Minister inspected some of the facilities at the camp kabala which included; accommodation for both students and instructors, catering facilities, class rooms with standby  generators  for the 44 expected instructors.

According to a Press release by the Director of information  & PR  of the Ministry of Defence  Mr Henshaw Ogubike mnipr , the Honourable Minister also inspected  the upgraded shooting ranges for pistol and long range demonstration as well as the Mork Village and Repelling Tower for training.

Also of note was the inspection of the Command Centre for NIGCOY 2 United Nations Information Special Force (UNISFA), dedicated to the mission in Abyei, South Sudan.

The Minister said he was satisfied with the scope and level of work done at the center and reaffirmed  President Bola Ahmed Tinubu  commitment to enhancing Military capabilities and fostering a culture of excellence within the armed forces.


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