We Want Impartial INEC

Nigeria is a beautiful country, giant of Africa, a place where mineral resources are in abundance, but due to bad governance things are falling apart.

We want a Nigeria that conducts free and fair elections, a place where electoral malpractice doesn’t exist.
A place where the people conducting the elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) won’t favour any of the political parties by being an unbiased umpire.

We want a Nigeria where the INEC would not take bribe or cheatx some candidates or political parties.
We want a Nigeria that is free from bribery and corruption. A Nigeria that is free from insecurity. A Nigeria where justice prevails. We want a Nigeria where there is no fuel subsidy, and there is no
increase in fuel price. A place where there is no illegal exploitation of crude oil.

We Want Impartial INEC


We want a Nigeria where salaries are paid, and there is employment for the youth, because if the youth are employed there won’t be any room for crime, because they would be very busy doing legitimate work to
engage in criminality.

We want a Nigeria where tribalism and gender won’t be an issue in leadership selection and where men are not superior to women. We also want a Nigeria where everyone is equal before the law and nobody is
superior to the law including the political leaders.

We want a Nigeria where godfatherism does not exist and where the people have the final say on who they want to be their leaders and not the godfathers.
We want a Nigeria where admission into the university is easy, and a student don’t have to wait for years before gaining admission into the university


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