2023: Army assures Nigerians of safety

LAGOS—The Nigerian Army has assured the safety of Nigerians come 2023 elections, saying modalities had been put in place to ensure that.

The Commander 9 Brigade of the Nigerian Army, Ikeja Cantonment,  Brigadier-General Isangubong Akpaumontia, gave the assurance while delivering a lecture tagged ‘ The  Military and.Leadrtship,:Lessons for a growing democracy ‘  at a Town and Gown Seminar  organised by the Faculty  of Leadership and Development Study, Covenant University, Otta, Ogun State .

He disclosed that an operation known as Excercise Still Waters was launched recently , with the aim of maintaining safety of Lal Nigerians during the general elections..

 He said: “the Chief  of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Farouk Yahaya , is  also putting in much effort to curb insecurity most especially in the northern part of the country .   Nigerians can see there has been much improvement in the North and North West”

He was also quick to remind the audience comprising students and lecturers of the faculty that the  Nigerian Army had no right to change the government .

Rather, he said change would only be done with the ballot boxes and  not with  barrel of guns.

Brig. Gen. Akpaumontia  stated that    election according to the constitution, “is  by votes people cast and not by the barrel of the gun. The Military have  nothing to do with who becomes the next president or governor, it is the people that decide. The Military know that political positions are determined by civilians .

“My advice is that you can learn from the Military.Like I pointed out , there are  things that you can learn from the military and commitment and national out look are two keys that the politicians can learn from the military”.

While giving a  historical background on the emergence of the Nigerian Army, he threw more light on  Military Leadership, Military in politics, challenges of Nigeria  democracy and possible solution for democratic leaders.

Also speaking, the Dean, College of Leadership , Professor Charles Obulugo, said , “ we teach leadership . We know   leadership is not isolatory but  cumulative  and it is a game played across the table.

“We can not say we have leadership without touching on all sector. Today ,we have the privilege to bring the number one person in Lagos to come speak with us, so to us it’s an extension of our leadership mandate.“


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