NEWS Pakistan seeks to promote peace in its region – Envoy

The High Commissioner of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, retired Maj.-Gen. Muhammad Azam, says Pakistan is independently pursuing a foreign policy to promote peace in its region.

Azam made the declaration in Abuja on Sunday at the 75th Independence Day celebration of Pakistan.

The celebration was held at the first Pakistani restaurant and art school in Nigeria called K&F Art &Food which he also re-inaugurated.

Pakistan emerged on the world map on ideological basis first on Aug. 14, 1947 an even which Azam said was unparalleled in the 20th century.

“Pakistan’s founder, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad, who led the movement for independence made sure that the struggle was spurred through constitutional means.

“Aug. 14 reminds us of the epic democratic struggle of our forefathers for securing a separate homeland for Muslims of the sub-continent where they could fashion their lives according to their religion, cultural and social values.

“Pakistan is pursuing an independent foreign policy to promote peace in the region.

“Pakistan has always raised its voice against tyranny and in the support of oppressed peoples of the world, may it be Palestine, Syria, or Kashmir.

“Kashmir has a special place in the heart of every Pakistani who feel that great injustice is being meted out to their Kashmir brothers and sisters by occupation forces,’’ Azam said.

The high commissioner thanked Nigerians and diplomats who honoured his invitation to K&F Art & Food.

“I also take the opportunity to announce the re-commissioning of the first Pakistani restaurant in Nigeria.

“This wonderful event will avail you the opportunity to taste fine cuisines from Pakistan, and understand our culture through Art.

In her remarks, Mrs Kokab Farrukh the owner of K&F Art & Food said that art, food and culture play vital roles in individuals’ lives.

She added that Art works exhibited at the inauguration with different themes and ideas and done mostly using recycled materials to create some of the Pakistani art work, were done by the school’s pupils.

“We have on display, Pakistani costumes which were produced with recycled materials and some of the students are from Japan and some from United States.

“I am an artist and I love food; so art, food and culture come together. In our summer camp we bring our children close to nature, so nature, art and kids is our objective,’’ she said. (NAN)


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