2023: NGO urges Nigerians to `vote right’

Mrs Gladys Ashemuke, Founder of GLAD To Lead Foundation, an Non-Government Organisation has urged Nigerians to take responsibility if they want the country of their dream to become a reality.

Ashemuke, the national Coordinator of the foundation, made the call during a Non-Partisan National Summit in Abuja.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the event tagged:” Doing it Right for the Right Results’ was organised by GLAD foundation in conjunction with PDP Vote Right Ambassadors (PVRA).

“If the Nigeria of our dreams must come to reality, our perception about leadership, government and dividends of democracy must change.

”Until we begin to take responsibility for doing things right, we will never get it right as a people.

“I want to remind everyone here that you are now an ambassador of doing things right. The Nigeria of our dream is achievable.

”Now talking about the Nigeria of our dreams, we all talk about not having dividends of democracy, but I beg to ask: How many of you do the right thing during elections? When you sell your vote, you don’t have any moral obligation to question them when they are in power.

“Your Permanent Voters card is your voice, your power and your right. But I tell you, your right becomes your rights only when you do the right thing.

”Your right becomes your rights when you vote for the right candidate, your right becomes your rights when you think about the future of your children,” she said.

She said PVRA has the structure to sensitise Nigerians across board to do the right thing, adding that the organization has members in 28 states of the country.

“I am glad to lead the PDP Vote Right Ambassadors (PVRA). We are prepared to guide the electorate in the 2023 election by sensitising them to do the right thing.

“Because if we don’t have the right people in the policy making space, we will never get it right.

“We have our structures from national to the unit level. We have been doing a lot of sensitization in the market places, mechanic workshops, motor parks and other public places.

”I did one here in Abuja at the motor park. I told them not to be sentimental when it comes to voting. But to vote for the right candidates from the right political party,” she added.

Ashemuke advised Nigerians not to allow themselves to be used as instruments of destruction during the forthcoming elections.

“Everyone has to do the right thing and avoid partisan mindset in order to achieve the Nigeria we dream of, we must vote on facts not sentiments.

“Our PVC is our power and right, it determines our future and that of our children so we have to make the right choices by picking the right candidate irrespective of party.

“This is not just for the politicians it is for everyone no matter where you find yourself, it is an habit we must cultivate.

“We must stay away from bribe in order to do the right thing and let our conscience be our currency that we spend wisely,” she said.

Ashemuke also added that the foundation and PDP support group will keep sensitizing the citizens on the need to vote right and wisely.

“We’ve been sensitizing people in markets, parks among others on the need to vote the right candidate and avoid voting out of sentiments,” she said.

Dr Babangida Aliyu, former Governor of Niger State in his remarks also said that the summit is indeed important because we have to learn how to get it right.

“We have to teach people how to do the right thing without forcing them to do it which is not the best approach.

“Many people come to vote out of curiosity without knowing the details of things involved and some even come to sell instead of vote because they not been enlightened.

“So we must learn how to be foot people and go into rural communities that cars cannot reach to sensitise them not in a sentimental way thereby allowing them to vote according to their choices,” Aliyu said.

Furthermore Hajiya Rabi Saulawa, President of Jam Iyar Matan Arewa in her keynote address appealed to the men to avoid gender sensitivity by allowing women in leadership positions.

According to her, granting gender rights to be voted for is part of doing the right thing.

“We advocate for women to be given more chance to participate in politics and as women we have to be united and let go of differences,

“Irrespective of party, we should support each other in order to do it right for the right results.” Saulawa said.

In his remarks, PDP Kaduna State Chairman, Mr Felix Hyat commended Ashemuke for putting together such initiative to sensitise people on election and voting without asking for any support from the party.

“Some PDP support group have come to us saying that they want money in order to support us but this foundation and support group have never asked us,

“Because according to her, she believe that this is part of doing the right thing for the right results,” he said.

Hyat also noted that the messages passed today from the summit are very crucial for the growth of Nigeria seeing the situation on ground.

He also reiterated that as party chairman they’ve been discussing among themselves on what to do in every State so that they will get it right as the theme suggest.

“Politics is localised, so every State is planning programs that is suitable for them because what is done in Sokoto may not work in Lagos or Rivers,

“So we have to localise it and take into consideration our cultural backgrounds.” Hyat said.

In his address, the chairman of the occasion Gov. Douye Diri of Bayelsa said:” the right thing is for Nigerians to do what is right in order to achieve our desire for a better Nigeria of our dreams”.

Also in a lecture delivered at the occasion by Prof. Hauwa Yusuf of the Kaduna State University entitled: The Role of the Civil Society Groups in Governance, she observes that Nigeria’s weak political landscape characterised by many anomalies constituted serious impediments to doing things right in the country. (NAN)


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