Terrorist’s Attack on Presidential Guards: Missing in Action Officer, 6 Soldiers found, confirmed dead July 2

The search and reinforcement team deployed to comb Bwari in the aftermath of terrorist’s ambush on officers and soldiers of the Presidential Guard’s Brigade in Abuja have recovered the remains of the missing in action Lieutenant and six soldiers.

A security report on the recovery of the Missing in Action Soldiers said, ““(Capt Samuel and Lt Jauro ) x 6 KIA (Killed In Action). Their bodies were found this evening.”

The report which was titled: “Ambush Against own Troops of Gds Brde,” revealed that three soldiers were injured during the attack.

While noting that the wounded, soldiers were evacuated to the NAOWA hospital in Abuja for treatment it added that the terrorists attacked the troops, “within Bwari and possibly to carry out their plans of attacking the (Nigerian) Law School in Bwari area.



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