US, UK urged to intervene in Nigeria’s worsening insecurity

Concerned Nigerians have pleaded with the United States, US, and United Kingdom, UK, to intervene in the worsening insecurity in Nigeria before it gets out of hand.

Under the aegis of Forum of Concerned Nigerians, FCN, the group begged US and UK  to act on the recent alarm raised by Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State on the worsening insecurity in Nigeria by appointing a Special Envoy to the country.

At a news briefing in Makurdi, spokesman of the FCN, Mr. Peter Shande, said “We like to join the Benue State Governor on this timely and patriotic call. Nigeria is in a coma and anyone who is pretending about it is living in self-denial. The government of President Muhammadu Buhari has failed the people of the country. His administration should account for the spate of violence across the country and the killing of innocent people.

“Governor Ortom is one Nigerian who has chosen to be the voice of the voiceless, so any attempt at silencing him will mean an attempt to silence over 200 million helpless Nigerians, and such an attempt will be stoutly resisted. We have also carefully watched the Buhari administration and its agents serially use the media to threaten and vilify the person and office of the Benue State Governor; this is unacceptable.

“What is Ortom’s offence? Is it a crime to choose to stand with one’s people in the face of brazen injustice, oppression and impunity? Since 2017, Governor Ortom has come under a heavy wave of sponsored blackmail and victimization from the Federal Government and its willing agents.”

While recalling instances where the Benue Governor came under media attacks and other forms of threat for his steadfastness, Shande noted that “in the wake of herdsmen massacres visited on Benue farmers, Governor Ortom has faced, and is still facing persecution from many powerful interests, but he has stood with his people on the side of justice and equity.

“We find the alarm concerning his safety very timely, compelling and urgent. We therefore urge the international community not to treat the Governor’s call with levity. Nigeria is too important in the African continent and comity of nations to be allowed to become a failed state simply because a sitting President wants it to be destroyed.

“We expect the United States, the United Kingdom and other world powers to intervene in the security situation in Nigeria without further delay. Establishing a Special Envoy on Nigeria will be a good place to begin.

“We must also state that nothing must happen to Governor Ortom who represents the suffering and marginalized people of this country who are being slaughtered like animals by terrorists almost daily, anyone who touches him should be prepared to contend with over 200 million people of this country.”


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