Bakare May Step Aside As General Overseer For Presidential Ambition

Fresh facts have emerged that the founder of the Citadel Global Community Church (formerly known as the Latter Rain Assembly), Pastor Tunde Bakare may step aside from pastoral work to pursue his presidential ambition.

The fiery preacher had on Sunday told members of his church members that he may be stepping aside as General Overseer of the church and will be giving the opportunity for another person to take over.

Pastor Bakare who denied ever declaring for presidential race in the massage said, ‘’In recent times Everywhere I go people normally asked have you declared for presidential election or when are you declaring  one of the most powerful monarch called me and said Mr. President you want to do all this without carrying me along and I said  sir it is the press people that said I have declared, I was only talking to my sons and daughters in the diaspora, it was a family meeting and it was not meant for consumption and be rest assured when that time comes because of my roots you will be one of the people that will know, Dear friend such declaration are not make carelessly , they are made from heaven.’’

Expressing optimism on his ambition if sanctioned by God, the clergyman said he had told his wife in 1983 that she will one day be the first lady of Nigeria, saying what they waited for is gradually coming to pass.

Bakare who preached on the topic, “The nuts and bolts of Abraham generation of wealth” informed the congregation he would be running for Presidential race but he has not formally declared.

He said several people from different parts of the country have called to inform him that they support his presidential aspiration.

The clergyman said he needs assurance from God before he would declare, adding that his date of declaration would be great because God in heaven has sanctioned it.

Earlier in his sermon he said, “This is my temporary farewell message to those I love tremendously, whom God has given me privilege to pastor for 33 years, because they are the pioneering members of the church.”


Shedding more light on the seven steps Abraham took before he succeeded in life, he said one of them is that he avoided strife, he therefore appealed to the congregation to avoid strife if they want to succeed in life.

“Do everything to keep off strife because if you don’t, at the end you suffer great loss.”

While talking about examining the other six steps Abraham took, he said, “let us quickly look at the remaining six steps, if we don’t cover it all, whenever God gives me grace to come, I will come and if the Lord says stay put I have done this for 33 years, let others take it and run with it.”

Quoting from the Bible 1Cirinthians he said he has laid a good foundation and everybody should be careful what he or she adds to it.

He however, added that of all who had given him assurance that they will support his presidential ambition, none told him they are raising or ask how to raise the N100 million nomination form.

Pastor Bakare who said they are out to extort money from him added that, that is how the public milks the politician and the politician in turn fails to do the bidding of the masses when they get to power


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