2023: Group Raise N100m For Nwajiuba To Purchase APC Presidency Form

Project Nigeria, a political pressure group, has gathered approximately N100 million for the Minister of State for Education, Hon. Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, to purchase the Expression of Interest and Nomination Forms for the All Progressives Congress presidential primary (APC).

In an interview with newsmen, Nwajiuba stated that he had been informed by the organisation that over 1,000 people had paid over N100 million to purchase the APC presidential forms for him.

The Minister, who expressed delight that the organization was able to raise the funds, stated that the outcome of his meeting with the Project Nigeria Group and other stakeholders throughout the country would determine if he would run for the coveted job.
“In my case, I have the unique chance of being pushed by a wide spectrum of Nigerians; young people and others from various regions of Nigeria, who are donating both money and time to advance this project,” Nwajiuba said.

They’ve taken on the task of figuring out where to get the money while relieving me of the stress.
One of them informed me that they are currently exceeding the figure by a few fractions.

“There are over 1,000 contributors from all around the world.” “All I was told was that they were ready.” I’ve tried to meet with them, but they only want to meet with me once they get the forms.”

“I don’t want to answer that question until they (members of the Project Nigeria Group) come,” he said when asked if he would run for president and when he plans to proclaim his desire.

It isn’t solely up to me to make the decision. “I am truly impressed by their telling me that over 1,000 people have given,” she says. I believed it was a prank until I realized how many individuals had contributed.

“When I get a chance to meet with the group, we’ll talk about it.” It is not something that can be decided by a single person; it will need a group of people, almost like a collegiate, to bring everyone together to work in the same direction so that the country may get traction on the road to progress.”

When asked if it was reasonable for the party to set the amount for the presidential, governorship, and other forms of elections at amounts that many Nigerians characterized as obscene, he said yes. “Every political party decides how it wants to operate,” Nwajiuba stated. “What they decide is based on what they have.” For example, my supporters have already told me, via the Project Nigeria Group, that they have received and exceeded the amount they requested.

“Even if you offered N1 party forms, it would still be subject to diverse viewpoints, and that is the beauty of democracy: everyone has their own point of view.”

However, we, as party members, have delegated our party’s administration to the National Executive Committee, which has rendered a decision on our behalf.

“We can’t second-guess them because there are so many variables; I don’t know everything they’re thinking about.”
The Project Nigeria Platform, according to sources, is a collection of tens of thousands of Nigerians from various ethnic, gender, and age groups.

“We began mobilizing to raise the funds recently by calling on willing members to contribute donations in sums ranging from five hundred thousand Naira toward actualizing our desire to support a young detribalized, patriotic, and capable Nigerian to contest the highest office in the land,” one of the members who chose to remain anonymous said


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