What You Need To Know About Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a slow and progressive loss of kidney function over several years and if untreated could lead to kidney failure, says a Nephrologist, Dr. Rotimi Willaim Braimoh.

In Nigeria, Braimoh said the rate at which kidney disease is affecting Nigerians is becoming alarming, adding that about six per cent of Nigerians have kidney disease and in the next 20 years the prevalence will raise to about 10 to 15 per cent because conditions like diabetes, hypertension etc which are risk factors of kidney disease are increasing in the country.

“Change in lifestyle, the high prevalence of diabetes, hypertension are increasing the prevalence of kidney disease. Also, because of the poor living conditions of most Nigerians, they are likely to patronise herbal concoctions for their ailments, which can damage the kidney over time, and therefore, increasing the incidence of kidney disease as well,” he explained.

He disclosed that kidney disease can be detected early with urine and blood test. “Early kidney damage can be detected with urine test, so that even before it becomes worst, the treatment can be started. If we start the treatment early, the patient can live a normal life without the kidney failing.”


The Nephrologist said treatment of kidney disease is very expensive hence the need to prevent it at all cost. For instance, he said, a session of dialysis cost between N27,000 and N40,000 and a kidney patient needs dialysis three times a week. On the other hand, kidney transplantation which is the best option, cost between N10 million to N12 million, Braimoh said, adding that prevention is the way to go, as not all Nigerians can afford that.

He said World Kidney Day is celebrated every 10th of March, a day set aside to raise awareness about CKD. “We enlighten the public and screen individual for risk factors like high blood pressure, diabetes, protein in the urine, obesity and use of herbal medication. We also use today to enlighten the public, to let them know that kidney disease is on the increase and it is very deadly if not treated on time,” he added.

Themed: „Bridging the knowledge gap“, the nephrologist said kidney disease can be prevented with healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, drinking lots of water, avoiding fatty foods, physically active, avoid herbal drugs, avoid pain killer drugs, and routine medical checkup, at least once in a year. For those who are hypertensive and diabetic, he urged them to take their treatments seriously, to avoid kidney diseas


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