2023: APC remains the party to beat, says Governor Uzodimma

“You must be a Pan-Nigerian and believe in Nigeria to want to President of Nigeria” – Hope Uzodimma

The Governor of Imo State, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma has declared that the APC will hold the ace in the forthcoming 2023 presidential election.

Speaking on an interview with Channels TV, Uzodimma said APC remains the party to beat and that there is nobody that the opposition PDP will put forward that the APC will not defeat.

“Today, whether you like it or not, the party to beat remains the APC. I come from the Southeast and since after the civil war, the only gateway out of the Southeast and entire Eastern Nigeria was the old Niger bridge. Government after the government came, made promises and paid lip service to those promises. Right from 1979 to 1983 (2nd Republic), we were promised the 2nd Niger bridge. From 1999 to 2007, we were promised the same Niger bridge not until 2015 when PMB came, and as I speak over N300Bn has put into that project and only last week, I saw on the TV, the Chief of Staff to Mr. President, Minister of Works, Minister of Labour and Productivity, inspecting the joining of the bridge billed for commissioning within the next 3 months.

It will be gross ingratitude for anybody to come from that region to talk of PMB neglecting the whole eastern region.”

“The truth of the matter is that they were in office for 16 years. Try to compare that 16 years side by side with the 7 years plus APC has been in power. I am a deductive analyst, if there is anything that has driven me to stick to the APC, it is because of the consistency and integrity of the driver of that vehicle – President Buhari. He is sincere, means well for Nigerians and is honest. Let somebody point to anywhere he has engaged in one corrupt practise or the other”, he said.

Asked about other challenges the country is faced with, he responded; “as Christians, we go to church, we kneel down to pray every day to God and all the prayers we make do not get answered at the same time. The fact that some issues have not been tackled today, does not mean it will not be done tomorrow. All I am saying is that the circumstances of this time, even all over the world, from the insecurity, terrorism, insurgency and so on are unimaginable. From 2015 till date, Nigeria has never witnessed this level of insecurity, political antagonism, hostility and instigations”.

The Governor expressed his opinion when he was asked about the probability of the APC zoning its 2023 presidential ticket to the southeast.

He said that the people of the southeast of course wants the Presidency, but it will amount to playing to the gallery discussing on TV and begin to preempt the decision that will be taken by the leadership of the party and apart from just the zoning consideration, the APC has to give its ticket to someone capable of winning elections.

Governor Uzodinma added that the standard-bearer of the party must be a Pan-Nigerian who has the sense of equity-driven by justice.

“You must believe in Nigeria to want to be the President of Nigeria”

The Governor also said that the party, APC would have to take a decision on its eventual presidential candidate after considering both covert and overt factors.

“This ticket is not an airline ticket. We are talking about having a presidential candidate. It is the decision of the party. It has to be a collective decision,” he stated during the interview on Monday.

“Nobody will get the presidential ticket because he spoke good English on the television. Nobody will get the presidential ticket because he was abusing people on television. It is a decision of the party and many factors will be responsible — covert and overt factors — because at the end of the day, the ticket will be given to a name that can win the election. Winnability is the name,” he adde


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