2023 Presidential Poll: Igbo Group Vows To Stage 1 Million Man March In Support Of Dr. Ibrahim Bello Dauda

An Igbo pressure group under the aegis of South East Network For Good Governance (SENFG) has reiterated its call on Dr. Ibrahim Bello Dauda to throw his hat into the presidential contest ahead of the 2023 general polls saying he represents generation of finest Nigerian technocrats.

The group also vowed to mobilize one million man march in support of the business man cum politician for the overall benefit of Nigeria.

The group noted that considering his wealth of experience, youthful energy, charisma and personal integrity and overall accomplishments in business and administrative spheres, it was upbeat that Dauda will bail the country from its current economic and social malaise.

During a high powered stakeholders meeting at their secretariat complex in Ebonyi State, the group reiterated since they called on the business man to contest, Nigerians from all walks of life have been lending their support saying that they are ready to go to every nook and cranny to mobilize support for Dr. Bello because of the confidence they had in him.

Convener of the event, noted that Bello is a down to earth, trust worthy, reliable and patriotic Nigerian who has the pedigree and clout to rescue Nigeria out of the woods.

“His wealth of experience in the socio economic realm of Nigeria’s life placed him above all other contenders.

“A thoroughbred technocrat, an excellent administrator, down to earth politician and the quintessence of hard work, equity and transparency, Dauda has what it takes to bail Nigeria out of the woods,” he said.

He urged Dauda to as a matter of urgency and expediency, he should hanker to the calls of Nigerians to come and serve the country for the good of all.

” As a group of of concerned Nigerians who want the best for the country, we are appealing on you to throw your heart into the ring for the good of the good of all,” he said.

The group under the aegis “Southeast Network For Good Governance” (SENFG), has advocated for the declaration of EL-DABI following his wealth of experiences in the Social, Economic, and Financial management.

In his years of political participation, his youth friendly attributes has distinguished him amongst many other leaders.

Amongst many of his qualities, Dr. Ibrahim Bello Dauda is a highly motivated and passionate professional, who conceived several ideas and made some of them worthwhile projects that have affected the
lives of people, have thrived, and done well in challenging situations as it has undoubtedly brought out the best in his abilities.

The National coordinator of the group (SENFGG), Hon. Ngene Chinomso reiterated that for Nigeria to work, that it requires a man such as El-Dabi for a true repositioning of the nation to the envy of other nations.

In his statement, the coordinator stated that at this point, the country demands for a young, vibrant and financial expert to revive the country’s economy.

On the security challenges bedeviling our dear nation, he posses the “technical know how” to tackling the ugly situations through his wealth of experiences in information communication and technology.

Dr. Bello is he who the cap fits and we call on him to step in and answer this clarion call to building a better Nigeria we all desire


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