Cement Manufacturers Vow To Upscale Production, Crash Prices

Clement manufacturers under the auspices of the Cement Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (CMAN), has promised to upscale cement production in a bid to crash prices.

The new chairman of the association, Mohammed Lawal Bello, said the move was to deal with escalating prices of the product in the country.

At his first public engagement during the inauguration of the new BUA cement 3 million metric tonnes plant commissioned by President Muhammad Buhari in Sokoto, Bello lauded the efforts of Buhari administration and the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) by collaborating with stakeholders to boost the nation’s economy.

CMAN is the umbrella body of all cement manufacturers in the country.

Bello, a technocrat and businessman, assured that his leadership will re-engineer the activities of CMAN to conform to its objectives and goals while making sure the public gets value for its money.

He vowed to also bring dynamism and focus to the association’s goal and objectives of providing quality services to cement consumers while protecting the interest of its member.

Bello is a founding member of Skygeoscan, a company involved in using patented thermovision tomography technology to scan for oil, gas, and solid minerals.

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He started his career in 1985 as an engineer with the engineering and technical services department of NNPC and resigned in 1988 to set up his business.

He is the founder of the Universal petroleum company limited, Robinson international inspections limited, international diamond drilling company limited, and he also owns a joint venture with an American company called Delaney.

He is the past chairman of Nitel-Mtel, and also the past vice-chairman/commissioner (renewable energy, research, and development) of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission(NERC), Abuja.

After his service in 2015, he got involved in the renewable energy of the power sector, consulting and partnering with petroleum and power industries.


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